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Article in official PA daily glorifies Martyrs and Martyrdom, describes Palestinian kids trying to touch the Martyr's body to gain prestige among their fellows, Martyrs are "grooms"

Headline: "The mother of Martyr Muhammad Zaghloul scatters roses soaked in her tears over his grave"
     "Only the mother remained to shed tears over the grave of her Martyr (Shahid) son Muhammad Zaghloul Al-Rimawi (i.e., suspected terrorist) after the participants in the funeral procession had scattered. She remained alone to cry over him and scattered roses over his grave...
When parting from the Martyrs, there are always symbolic images that remain in the mind and heart, and it does not matter how much time has passed. Here, at the parting from the Martyr, a father stands facing his son and gives him a military salute. This is an image that has repeated itself many times. In a different image, a boy is hanging out the window of a room and watching the parting from the Martyr... He comes out quickly and tries to touch the head of the Martyr. He wants to reach the glory in order to brag to his friends that he touched a Martyr, but he did not succeed.
When the body of the Martyr reached his home, his closest friend Ata looked for the Martyr's mother and shouted: 'We have brought you the groom; we have brought you the groom.'"
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Muhammad Zaghloul Al-Rimawi - Young Palestinian suspected of terror who died shortly after being arrested on Sept. 18, 2018. Palestinians claim that he was beaten to death. Israeli medical sources say that there were no signs of violence on his body.

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