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PA daily calls Arab Israelis “the members of our people in the occupied Interior”

Headline: “Strike throughout the West Bank districts in protest over the racist ‘nation-state law’”
       “The general strike took place throughout the Tulkarem district… as a response to the call of the national forces in the West Bank to strike in protest over what is called the ‘nation-state law,’ which the occupation authorities are attempting to implement against the members of our people in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel).”

Jewish Nation-State Law – law passed by the Israeli Parliament on July 19, 2018, which codifies in Israel's Basic Law that Israel is the home of the Jewish nation with Jerusalem its capital, and the Hebrew calendar its official calendar. It establishes Hebrew as the sole official language and grants Arabic a special status, and it recognizes Jewish and Israeli holidays, memorial days, and the Jewish Sabbath as national holidays and days of rest - while guaranteeing the right of all Israeli citizens and residents to celebrate their holidays and days of rest. The law, which passed with 62 in favor, 55 against, and 2 abstentions, has sparked controversy within Israeli society.

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