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PA Fatwa Council reiterates religious prohibition that forbids selling land to Israelis

Headline: “The [PA] Fatwa Council reemphasized: Handing real estate and lands over to the occupation constitutes a religious prohibition”
       “The Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council reemphasized the fatwa (i.e., Islamic legal ruling) that prohibits handing real estate and lands in Jerusalem or any other Palestinian land over to the Israeli occupation. The Council emphasized in its 168th meeting, led by [PA] Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories and [Palestinian] Supreme Fatwa Council Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, that Palestine is kharaj (i.e., taxable land in Islam) and waqf (i.e., an inalienable religious endowment in Islamic law) land, whose lands and properties it, according to religious law, is forbidden to sell or to facilitate the transfer of ownership over to enemies. This is because from a religious legal standpoint it is considered Islamic public property and not personal private property according to the fatwas that have been published by the religious legal scholars of Palestine and the Islamic world. The Council said that the sale, handing over, or facilitation of the transfer of ownership to the occupation through mercenary mediators constitutes high treason against the religion, homeland, and ethics. It added that anyone who cooperates with this crime conspires against the Palestinian land, cause, and people, has sold his soul to the devil, must be fought against at all levels, and his family must renounce him after the [PA] Security Forces have taken measures against him. This is so that it will constitute a lesson for anyone who thinks about relinquishing any bit of this blessed land.”
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