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Fatah website posts cartoon praising Barkan terror attack in which 2 were killed, depicting a rearing horse with a firing rifle for a head

Cartoon published on Falestinona, website of Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon

Headline: “#The_Barkan_settlement_operation (i.e., terror attack, 2 murdered), #Salfit_district, #Palestine”

The cartoon shows a horse wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress) and a Palestinian flag around its neck, has in place of its head the barrel of an assault rifle that is actively shooting. Rearing up on its chained hind legs the horse breaks free of the chains on its front legs, while other horses or donkeys are seen grazing in the background.

Barkan Industrial Zone Attack – 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa shot and murdered 2 Israelis, Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi, in a factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone near Ariel on Oct. 7, 2018. Na'alwa fled the scene and has not yet been apprehended as of this writing. Until this attack, the Barkan Industrial Zone had been an example of coexistence with Israelis and Palestinians working together.

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