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Op-ed in PA daily supporting Saudi Arabia claims that the Arab Spring was meant to weaken the Arab states “in order to serve the Zionist entity and its racist terrorist leadership”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Fawzi Ali Al-Samhouri

Headline: “Targeting Saudi Arabia – consequences and goals”
      “As a result of what is called the Arab Spring, the capabilities of some Arab states were destroyed, with their infrastructures and their residents, and this was in order to serve the Zionist entity and its racist terrorist leadership. Therefore, it is impossible to separate the political, economic, and media attack against Saudi Arabia from the plans and plots being woven [to shape] the future of the region for the coming decades at the end of the first and second stages.  The first stage was characterized by geographical and ethnic division of some of the states, while the second stage was characterized by the destruction of both the infrastructures and the people. The third stage is targeting the wealthy states, the Gulf states. The attack against Saudi Arabia constitutes its opening sign and the jewel in its crown.”

Although the incident is not directly referenced in this article, the “attack against Saudi Arabia” likely refers to Saudi Arabia being held responsible for the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi – who opposed the Saudi Arabian regime – in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey in early October 2018, apparently on the orders of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

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