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Fatah in response to Netanyahu suggesting solution in which the West Bank will remain under Israeli control: “`We will not agree to half solutions,” and “the definition of a refugee” must not be negotiated

Headline: "Fatah: Our right is not a kindness from Netanyahu"

"The Fatah Movement emphasized that 'Our people’s rights are firm and stable. They cannot be undermined, reduced, or turned from a fully sovereign state whose capital is Jerusalem into a distorted entity under Israeli control, in accordance with the occupation's view.'
These statements by the movement were in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s words yesterday [Oct. 24, 2018], according to which 'he agrees to a Palestinian entity that is less than a state and more than an autonomy, and that the West Bank will remain under Israeli security [control].'
[Fatah] Movement Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi emphasized: 'We will not agree to half solutions, and we must not accept rescue solutions that will diminish our right due to the present difficult situation. We also must not negotiate over the principle of our rights in general, and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine in particular, or over the principle of the definition of a refugee.'"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he supported a Palestinian "state-minus… in which the Palestinians have all the powers to govern themselves but none of the powers to threaten us… Israel alone will be responsible for security." He said this at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, which was held in Tel Aviv on Oct. 24, 2015.