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Hamas TV sermon: Martyrs get six rewards

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Six privileges, or kindnesses, to be granted the holy Martyr are mentioned in a hadith (tradition attributed to the Prophet Muhammad in Islam) and were explained in a Friday sermon broadcast on Hamas TV:

“Just as Allah selected the best of His creations, to be prophets and messengers, so Allah has chosen from among us, and from the best of His creations, to be the Shahids (Martyrs). ... Oh Allah, grant us Shahada (Martyrdom) for Your sake, Oh Master of the world! Join us with the Shahids (Martyrs)! …
The Shahid of this life and of the Afterlife is one who ascended to Allah [dying] on the battlefield. ... This is the highest level of Shahada (Martyrdom). The Prophet said: ‘The Shahid has six privileges.’ [Sunan A-Tirmidhi (1663) and Sunan Ibn Majagh (2799), all subsequent quotes are from this Hadith if nothing else indicated.– Ed.]
The first of these privileges:
‘He is forgiven [his sins] with the first gush of his pure blood.’
Therefore, the Shahid is not washed, but is left bloodied. Why? His blood will testify for him before Allah about his Shahada (Martyrdom) on Resurrection Day.
The second [privilege]: ‘He sees his place in Paradise.’
If we only knew what Allah has prepared for the Shahids in Paradise, we would not sit idly in this world. ... Shahids do not die. Shahids live a full life with Allah. They live in the highest Heaven and in the world of angels, eating, drinking, walking and enjoying themselves. Therefore Allah has forbidden us to say that Shahids are dead. He has forbidden us and told us: “Do not think that those who are killed in the name of Allah are dead. No, because they are alive, and their livelihood is with Allah.” [Quran, Sura 3:169]
The third kindness: ‘The Shahid is shielded from the Great Shock [on Resurrection Day].’
The next kindness: ‘A crown of honor is placed upon his head, one stone of which is worth more than all there is in this world.’
The next kindness: ‘He marries 72 of the Dark-Eyed wives.’
One description of the Dark-Eyed [maidens]: ‘If one of the women of Paradise would look towards the earth, she would light up everything between heaven and earth.’ [Sahih Bukhari, 6199]
The next kindness: ‘He is a heavenly advocate for 70 family members.’”

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