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Fatah official and PA TV host claim Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s cleaning of Shuafat refugee camp constitutes an invasion and a “violation of humanitarian law”

Official PA TV program, A Week in the Capital, on the Jerusalem Municipality cleaning the streets of the Shuafat refugee camp

Official PA TV host: "In what is considered a dangerous precedent that threatens the activity of UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East), Head of the occupation’s municipality [Jerusalem Mayor] Nir Barkat and the staff of his municipality invaded the Shuafat refugee camp and began cleaning activities in the streets of the refugee camp as blatant defiance of UNRWA’s missions and a violation of humanitarian law."

Fatah Jerusalem Area Branch Deputy Head Adel Abu Zneid: "Nir Barkat is whining that the Shuafat refugee camp lacks cleaners. It would have been more fitting for him to remove the barrier where each morning and evening lines of Jerusalem residents – elderly, children, and women – stand, every morning and every evening. It would have been more fitting for him to remove the fence that encloses the Shuafat refugee camp, which has turned the Shuafat [refugee] camp into a prison. It would have been more fitting for him to stop the flow of sewage water from the settlements into the Shuafat refugee camp (sic., sewage is not directed into the camp). This is a plot being carried out by the head of the municipality that has two goals. The first goal is to attract the Palestinian Jerusalem voters for election campaigning. The second position is that Israeli Nir Barkat come off as a hero who succeeded in 'erasing' a just cause – the cause of the Palestinian refugees – which is guaranteed by international legitimacy."
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