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Girl in poem on PA TV: "A Zionist stole the land of Palestine,” TV host: “Soon, Allah willing, we will return to our land”

Palestinian girl Nour: "A Zionist stole the land of Palestine,
War, destruction, murder, and wailing,
We were uprooted and the world called us refugees (i.e., in 1948),
We have sacrificed millions of Martyrs for the sake of your return, Palestine…
We said a year, two years – they have become 70 (i.e., since Israel's creation in 1948),
Rebel, rebel, O people of the giants,
And shoot with your fire, like volcanoes,
So Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] will return to us, O Muslims…
And Allah willing we will be victorious, and everyone will be witnesses,
We are returning. By Allah, we are returning,
Even if the entire world gives up on you, your children won’t, O Palestine…”
Official PA TV host of The Best Home: “Bravo! […] I want to tell you, as my friend Nour has said, we are returning. Soon, Allah willing, we will return to our land… Every one of us can resist the occupation wherever he is, and in our different ways so we can bring back Palestine. Children, are we capable of bringing it back? Are you sure? Good.”

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