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Fatah official: “We will continue to pursue” Palestinians who sell property in Jerusalem to Israelis “in order to protect the property in Jerusalem from Judaization”

Headline: "The break-in to a [Jerusalem] district building –message understood"
      "'Message understood. We will not heed it and will not abandon the members of our people in occupied Jerusalem, and we will continue to act for them' – this was the position of senior officials from Jerusalem in response to the break-in by occupation forces into a Jerusalem district building… [Head of the PA District Governor of Jerusalem's Office] Muhammad Halaseh said: 'The occupation explained its break-in into the district building by it being an institute that provides services from the Palestinian [PA] government to the [Arab] residents of Jerusalem. We tried to prevent them from entering the building and locked the doors, but they wreaked havoc in all the offices… and primarily the office of [PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs [and PLO Executive Committee member Adnan Al-Husseini] and the office of [PA] District Governor [of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith].' … In response to what happened in the district building, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan Al-Husseini said to [the official PA news agency] WAFA: 'The message that they wanted to convey is that it is forbidden for us [the PA] to operate in Jerusalem, but we will not succumb to them and will continue to operate for the members of our people.' …
District Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith said to WAFA: 'The message that the occupation wanted to convey to us is that we will not operate in Jerusalem, but Jerusalem will remain the place to which our faces are lifted. What occurred was an attack with American backing against the institutions, against our people, and against everything Palestinian.' … Fatah Movement Secretary in Jerusalem Shadi Mattour said: 'We will continue to pursue those who illegally transfer property in Jerusalem to the occupation. These steps by the occupation will not prevent the members of our people from excommunicating them and stopping them in order to protect the property in Jerusalem from Judaization.' … Mattour explained: 'Even if they target the offices and institutions, we will work from the street in order to serve the members of our people in Jerusalem.'"

Adnan Al-Husseini also holds the position of head of the PLO Department of Jerusalem Affairs.