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PA Foreign Ministry accuses Israel of stealing archeological artifacts and carrying out “falsification or Judaization” of archeological sites

Headline: “The [PA Ministry of] Foreign Affairs and Expatriates demands an international investigation on the issue of antiquities theft by the occupation”
    “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates demanded that UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) and the [UN] World Tourism Organization launch a serious investigation on the issue of the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian antiquities, as they are severe violations of international law… The ministry explained yesterday [Nov. 11, 2018] that the investigation would be a prelude to pressure on the occupation authorities to return all of the archaeological items that they have taken over by force, and stopping the falsification or Judaization of these archaeological sites. [The ministry] noted that ‘the settler tourism’ that Israel’s official establishment is organizing, supervising, and funding in cooperation with the settler councils in the occupied West Bank, through a group of the settlement associations that are active in the field of tourism… has escalated recently, and the colonialist mentality is not stopping here, but rather is moving on to also taking over the archaeological and tourist sites, stealing the Palestinian antiquities, and presenting them – both in Israel and outside of it – as ‘antiquities that were found in the West Bank’ in order to establish the occupation’s narrative and its so-called rights to the Palestinian land.”

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