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Hamas-aligned news site encourages Israelis in Hebrew to flee Hamas rockets

Cartoon posted on the Facebook page of the Palestinian Information Center, an independent Palestinian news website affiliated with Hamas

The cartoon shows a woman and child walking away from Ashkelon, which is marked by a sign with the city’s logo and its name in English and Hebrew. A building with “IAI” (Israel Aerospace Industries) written on it alongside the IAI logo is seen sending signals through a transmitter to aircraft flying overhead. Transmitters are also seen sending signals from on top of residential buildings in the background.

Text on image in Hebrew: "The army is using the city [of Ashkelon] in the cruel operations against us, and therefore we will respond to this.
It is preferable to move as far away from the city as possible."
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Israel-Hamas clash in November 2018 – an Israeli special forces unit entered the Gaza Strip on a secret mission on Nov. 11, 2018, and exchanged fire with Palestinian terrorists after being exposed. An Israeli lieutenant colonel and 7 terrorists – including Hamas Commander of Khan Yunis Nour Barakeh – were killed in the exchange. Following the incident Hamas fired hundreds of missiles at Israeli civilian targets, wounding a number of Israelis and killing a Palestinian worker in Ashkelon, and Israel bombed a number of terror targets in Gaza. A ceasefire was reached on Nov. 14, 2018.

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