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PA TV to open office in Damascus, in cooperation with Syrian Ministry of Information

   “Director-General of the PLO Political Department [in Syria] Anwar Abd Al-Hadi discussed the developments in Palestine and the recent political developments yesterday [Nov. 14, 2018] with Syrian Minister of Information Imad Sara.
During their meeting, which was held at the [Syrian] Ministry of Information building in Damascus, Abd Al-Hadi briefed the Syrian minister of information on the Israeli aggression against the members of our people in the Gaza Strip, which constitutes an additional war crime in the series of war crimes that the occupation is committing against our people…
The two sides discussed preparations for the inauguration of the PA TV office in Damascus. Abd Al-Hadi thanked the minister of information for the technical facilitation and the preparations for the inauguration of the office.
The Syrian minister of information condemned the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip (see note below –Ed.), and said: ‘Israel represents the state terror in the region.’ He emphasized that Syria stands alongside the Palestinian people until the establishment of its independent state, whose capital is East Jerusalem. He also said that the Ministry of Information will not hesitate to provide facilitation in everything that PA TV will need in Damascus, and emphasized the significance of the cooperation in the field of communications between Palestine and Syria. The minister expressed willingness to sign on cooperation protocols between PA TV and Syrian TV and between the official news agencies in the two states.”

Israel-Hamas clash in November 2018 – an Israeli special forces unit entered the Gaza Strip on a secret mission on Nov. 11, 2018, and exchanged fire with Palestinian terrorists after being exposed. An Israeli lieutenant colonel and 7 terrorists – including Hamas Commander of Khan Yunis Nour Barakeh – were killed in the exchange. Following the incident Hamas fired hundreds of missiles at Israeli civilian targets, wounding a number of Israelis and killing a Palestinian worker in Ashkelon, and Israel bombed a number of terror targets in Gaza. A ceasefire was reached on Nov. 14, 2018.

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