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PLO Prisoners Commission head: Israel is committing “medical crimes” against Palestinian prisoners and implants “illnesses and pains” into their bodies

Headline: “Abu Bakr: The occupation’s crimes against our prisoners are being committed before the eyes of the world”
“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr yesterday [Nov. 22, 2018] criticized the international silence over the Israeli occupation’s medical crimes against the Palestinian prisoners that are being scandalously committed before the eyes and ears of the entire international community… Abu Bakr expressed his strong concern over the escalation of the scope of the crime and the ways it is committed against the prisoners, and particularly the medical crimes that truly threaten their lives, as there is a new large rate of released prisoners who are beginning to receive treatments and medicines immediately after their release so that they will be able to overcome the illnesses and pains that the occupation implanted in them.”