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Op-ed in PA daily by Fatah official: Drugs are “the number one weapon of the enemy,” Israel is behind spread of drugs and other “poisons” among Palestinian society

Excerpt of an op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “The crime nurseries and hashish settlements”
      “We must express appreciation for the alertness of the commanders, officers, and members of the Palestinian [PA] Police and Security Forces… and congratulate those who are standing guard, taking care of the security of our young people of both genders, and preventing the penetration of drugs into their veins and brains. This is the number one weapon of the enemy, and it is more dangerous than all of the lethal weapons, because drugs steal a person’s soul and intellect and turn him into a creature that is dead on the inside…
The cannabis leaves, from which hashish is produced, contain chemical materials that cause hallucinations. Those using it remain under its influence from five hours up to half a day, and that may be the smallest damage compared to lung cancer, tracheitis, tuberculosis, and damage to the immune system – which means the easy ‘settling’ of bacteria and viruses in the user’s body. We can only imagine what defects will be caused to fetuses, and what harm will be caused to the blood circulation as a result of the use of hashish by pregnant women.
Those who are addicted to hashish suffer from sorrow and fits of rage, without mentioning delusions of grandeur and the weakening of the sex drive and the ability to reproduce…
Dangers surround the Palestinian society from all directions; in addition to the poisons in the expired food products that are smuggled from the settlements, factories, and farms of the occupiers, one can also see criminals who plant death for our young people, men, and women. They sprout the will of the colonialist and criminal occupiers in the yards of their homes and on their roofs, and water it with their own hands as if they do not know that by doing so they are committing a double crime of high treason: They know that their poisons kill, albeit slowly, and they know that they themselves are serving as secret death cells, who the occupation is making every effort to protect and provide with the conditions and opportunity to grow their popular and poisonous herbal bullets that are called ‘hashish.’ This is because the occupiers and the colonialists are unable to kill the Palestinians with the bullets of their rifles, their shells, and the like, but the criminal farmers of death can provide this great service through ‘the drug bullets’… The holy land of Palestine is meant only for sowing blessings and good things. Every Palestinian is responsible for the purity of his land and defending it from the hashish settlements, and every house that grows hashish should be viewed as a settlement until further notice.”
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