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PLO did not amend PLO Charter which calls for Israel's destruction, as agreed to in the Oslo Accords

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Historic vote of Palestinian National Council meant to fulfill PLO obligation under Oslo Accords to amend articles in PLO Charter calling for Israel's destruction:

Before vote:
Salim Za'noun, Chairman of meeting: "[Goal of vote is] an extension of 6 months… and then the Central Committee will discuss it [amending the articles]."
"I want to tell you before the voting begins that the judicial committee, when I attended it, was totally convinced, with a majority of 43 out of 44 members, that we must fulfill the commitment demanded of us [by Oslo Accords] at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, it was said, if we amend those articles [calling for Israel's destruction] whose amendment is demanded [by Oslo Accords] it will mean that we have paid a very high price. Putting forth a new proposal for the national charter is less damaging than the first thing [amending articles]. But, to go into details [as to why it is less damaging] will be a free service [to Israel]. So the version which was drafted is the least damaging that we could submit. It gives us an extension of six months until the [PLO] Central Committee convenes. And then the Central Committee will discuss [amending articles]. And it's within its rights to say: 'We leave it for the National Council [to amend].' Brothers, with all my heart I tell you, the draft which is in your hands is the best one to be presented to the Palestinian people regarding the commitment. And a special majority of two-thirds is needed.
Yasser Arafat: Everyone here, believe me, is more than you and me, and more than Abu Alaa. Everyone is more responsible than us.
Salim Za'noun: Brothers: whoever agrees to this proposal - raise his hand and leave it up until the counting ends."

After the vote:
Marwan Kanafani, Arafat spokesman: "It's not an amendment. It is a license to start to found a new resolution, a new charter."
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