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PA Spokesman makes false claim that Israel is conducting excavations under the Al-Aqsa Mosque, says the “occupation’s attack against Jerusalem… is intensifying insanely”

Headline: “The [PA] warns against the dangers surrounding occupied Jerusalem”

“Official [PA] Government Spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud said that the landslides and cracks that are being caused one after the other in the town of Silwan (i.e., neighborhood in Jerusalem), south of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, indicate the scope and severity of the underground excavations that the occupation is carrying out (sic., Israel does not conduct excavations under the Temple Mount).
In a statement on behalf of the government, Al-Mahmoud commented on the severity of the situation yesterday [Dec. 9, 2018], particularly in all that is connected to the excavation of the tunnel networks… whose level of danger to the residents’ lives, their homes, their property, and the Islamic and Christian holy sites have been noted by institutions in Jerusalem…
The official spokesman emphasized that the occupation’s attack against Jerusalem, our eternal capital, is intensifying insanely in blatant and scandalous defiance of the international laws and conventions. He added that this necessitates urgent practical intervention by the international community.”

Excavations under the Temple Mount - The Israeli daily Haaretz has stated that the excavations do not reach beneath the mosque: "Despite complaints from the Islamic Movement and Palestinian groups, not a single dig penetrates beneath the [Temple] Mount." [Haaretz, May 24, 2016]