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PA daily publishes article sympathetic to young son of slain terrorist who murdered a premature baby, accuses Israel of shooting him for no reason

Headline: "Martyr Saleh Barghouti – cold-blooded execution"
     "Qais Saleh Barghouti, 3, held a picture of his father smiling, without understanding that this picture had now become the only memory of his father and that from now on he is 'the son of a Martyr (Shahid).'
Martyr Saleh Barghouti (i.e., terrorist, who murdered baby and wounded 7), 29, was on his way back after a long day of work, as he worked as a taxi driver, when an Israeli special [forces] unit blocked him on Surda Road, north of Ramallah, and unexpectedly shot at him. Afterwards, they took him down, covered his eyes and then handcuffed him, arrested him, and left (sic., he was shot and killed during an attempt to apprehend him)."

Ofra shooting attack – Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded 7 Israelis - a pregnant woman, her husband, another man, and 4 teenagers - in a drive-by shooting attack next to Ofra, north of Jerusalem, on Dec. 9, 2018. The pregnant woman was severely wounded and doctors had to deliver her baby prematurely before operating on her. The baby died three days later. The terrorists fled the scene but were located three days later. One terrorist, Saleh Omar Saleh Barghouti, was shot and killed by the Israeli army during the attempt to apprehend him, while other terrorists were taken into custody. The Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas' military wing) claimed responsibility for the attack.