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PA daily calls a terrorist that murdered a premature baby a "Martyr"

      "The national campaign to return the Martyrs' (Shahids') bodies that are being held by the Israeli occupation and reveal the fate of the missing said that it has not received a response to its request to allow the mother of Martyr (Shahid) Saleh Barghouti (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1) to verify his death as a Martyr."

Ofra shooting attack – Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded 7 Israelis - a pregnant woman, her husband, another man, and 4 teenagers - in a drive-by shooting attack next to Ofra, north of Jerusalem, on Dec. 9, 2018. The pregnant woman was severely wounded and doctors had to deliver her baby prematurely before operating on her. The baby, Amiad Yisrael Ish-Ran, died three days later. The terrorists fled the scene but were located three days later. One terrorist, Saleh Omar Saleh Barghouti, was shot and killed by the Israeli army during the attempt to apprehend him, while other terrorists were taken into custody. The Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas' military wing) claimed responsibility for the attack.

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