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PA Justice Minister: Palestinian terror attacks are "operations," Israeli anti-terror legislation “will also not dissuade our people from continuing to struggle through the legal means and on all levels”

Headline: "Abu Diyak: The occupation's racist laws legitimize the violation of international law"
      "[PA] Minister of Justice Ali Abu Diyak said that the occupation government intends to prepare a new package of aggressive racist legislation that provides legitimacy to the violation of the principles and regulations of international law, committing crimes of terror against our people, and threatening international peace and security. Abu Diyak added in a statement yesterday [Dec. 20, 2018] that foremost in this legislation is the law to expel the families of the Palestinians who carry out operations (i.e., terror attacks), which passed a first reading in the Israeli Parliament (sic., it passed a preliminary reading in the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation; see note below)… Abu Diyak emphasized that these racist and aggressive laws and the crimes of the occupation and settlement, regardless of their force, will only increase the strength, toughness, stability, and determination [of the Palestinian people] to stand firm and defend our legal national rights, the national project, and the legitimate Palestinian leadership, led by [PA] President of the State of Palestine [Mahmoud Abbas]. They will also not dissuade our people from continuing to struggle through the legal means and on all levels until the achievement of freedom and independence, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem."

Bill to expel terrorist families from their property - the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation voted in favor of a bill to expel the families of West Bank terrorists from their property on Dec. 16, 2018. The bill would allow the Israeli army's General Officer Commanding (GOC) Central Command to expel a terrorist's family to a different area of the West Bank within a week from the date the terrorist committed an attack.