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PA Minister and University leaders claim Israel deliberately targets Palestinian youth with drugs

Official PA TV News

PA Minister of Local Authorities Hussein Al-A’araj: “We as a government, the leadership, a civil society, and municipalities must pay attention to this scourge [of drugs] that has infiltrated our society through the Israeli occupation, which is striving to create a situation of frustration, illness, and economic and social consequences that diminish our resolve and the realization of our national project.”
Al-Quds Open University President Dr. Younes Amr: “This scourge is very dangerous in all societies. We have noticed that this scourge is more dangerous [for us in particular], because the occupation is fighting against us and inflicting it on us...”
Al-Quds Open University Dean of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Hosni Awad: “This is a war. The scourge of drugs is no less severe than the rest of the attacks and wars that carried out by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people. This is a declared war that is targeting the young people, and especially in Jerusalem… There are special agencies within the Zionist occupation to distribute the drugs and ease their transfer.”

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