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President of Al-Quds Open University claims the drug problem amongst young Palestinians is the result of “Israeli aggression against our society”

Headline: “Al-Quds Open University, Al-Istiqlal University, and the [PA] State Attorney’s Office are holding a national conference on the topic of drugs”
“Yesterday [Dec. 24, 2018] Al-Quds Open University, Al-Istiqlal University (i.e., the PA Security Forces university in Jericho), and the [PA] State Attorney’s Office held… a conference titled The Drug Problem in Palestine – Reality and Ways to Cope, under the auspices of His Honor [PA] President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas… [Al-Quds Open University President] Dr. [Younes] Amr said: ‘The drug problem has begun to gnaw away at the sector of young Palestinians. We are meeting today in order [to discuss] dealing with a dangerous problem, from which all societies suffer, including Palestinian society – as one of the means of Israeli aggression against our society. This obligates our institutions to combine efforts in order to overcome this phenomenon.’”
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