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Commander of the PA Police Anti-Drug Unit: Israel is “interested” in planting and distributing drugs among Palestinian society

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on The Drug Problem in Palestine – Reality and Ways to Cope conference in Jericho, hosting Commander of the PA Police Anti-Drug Unit Abdallah Aliwi

Commander of the PA Police Anti-Drug Unit Abdallah Aliwi: "I think that accusing fingers [should be pointed]. Therefore, I am relating to the occupation in this framework, as the drug dealers are doing as they please in all of the Palestinian areas under the Israeli army's nose, but there are no deterrent activities against them nor any monitoring, and they let them do as they please on these lands. And I am documenting in the anti-drug directorate, using the Israeli media, how- There is a report that came out on Channel 2 in Hebrew – how they have turned areas of the West Bank [into areas] for growing drugs. Accordingly, this proves how much the occupation is interested in planting and distributing drugs."
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