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Image on Fatah’s official Facebook page praises terrorist Abu Jihad, responsible for the murder of 125 Israelis, as “Prince of Martyrs”

Image posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

The image shows terrorist Khalil Al-Wazir - Abu Jihad - who was responsible for the murder of 125 Israelis. At the top of the image is the text: “The Palestinian National Liberation Movement – Fatah,” and next to it is the Fatah logo that includes a grenade, crossed rifles, and the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.
To the right of Abu Jihad is a logo for the 54th anniversary of "the Launch" (Intilaqa) of Fatah, which is counted from its first attempted terror attack against Israel. The logo is comprised of the word “Fatah,” with the letters formed by the number “54” and an “h.” An assault rifle forms the vertical line of the “4,” and the Dome of the Rock sits atop the “5.”

Text on image: “Prince of Martyrs (Shahids)
Khalil Al-Wazir Abu Jihad
There is no sound that rises above the sound of the Intifada”

Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir) - a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat. He headed the PLO terror organization's military wing and also planned many deadly Fatah terror attacks in the 1960’s - 1980’s. These attacks, in which a total of 125 Israelis were murdered, included the most lethal in Israeli history - the hijacking of a bus and murder of 37 civilians, 12 of them children.

Intilaqa - "the Launch" refers to the beginning of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.