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Young relatives of murderer dream of meeting him; PA TV: He is a role model for children

Official PA TV program 'Good Morning Jerusalem'

Official PA TV reporter: "The prisoners' pride and the symbol of resolve and undefeated willpower - [Younes] is first not only in the length of his imprisonment, but also in his personality and his determination…"
Terrorist murderer Karim Younes' nephew: "My name is Karim Younes, after my uncle Karim. One of my life's dreams is that I’ll be able to see my uncle Karim…"
Official PA TV reporter: "The pride that Karim has sown in his family members and all Palestinians has taken root in the children of his family and beams love and appreciation for him and his personality. Meeting with him has become their dream, wish, and hope for them."
Terrorist Karim Younes’ brother Nadim Younes: "The children don't forget… My young daughter who is in first grade, said to her mother: 'When will I be in fifth grade?' Her mother said: 'Why fifth grade and not sixth grade or high school?' Her answer was: 'Because you told us that in fifth grade my uncle Karim will come out [of prison].' She connects everything to her uncle Karim, to prisoners, and to events that are connected to the cause of the Palestinians..."
Official PA TV reporter: "How can Karim Younes not be a role model and a dream for these children, and how can he not be the greatest headline of the day?"

Karim Younes - Israeli Arab serving a 40-year sentence for kidnapping and murdering Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980 together with his cousin Maher Younes. Younes was originally sentenced to life in prison, but Israeli President Shimon Peres reduced his sentence in 2012. In May 2017 Younes was appointed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the Fatah Central Committee.

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