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Fatah: Controversial art piece featuring Jesus in Haifa museum was part of Israel’s “attacks” and “racism” against Christian and Muslim Palestinians

Headline: “Fatah in Bethlehem: What happened in Haifa is an insult to all religions”
    “The Fatah Movement’s Bethlehem branch emphasized its opposition to the offense to Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and viewed what happened in Haifa (i.e., referring to the Sacred Goods exhibit in Haifa which includes a sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald, and other sculptures and pictures incorporating crucifixions and other elements of the Christian religion –Ed.) as an insult to all religions.
In a press release yesterday [Jan. 12, 2019], the [Fatah] Movement condemned the ‘offense to the Christian religious symbols with offensive images and statues that was carried out and is still being carried out in sight of the occupation government.’
The movement blessed the members of our people in Haifa, Muslims and Christians alike, who went out to demonstrate in condemnation of this offense and were attacked by the occupation police (sic., Israeli police prevented protesters from breaking into the museum, after which the protesters then threw rocks and wounded three officers). It emphasized that the occupation state is continuing its racism, its attacks, and the theft of our waqf (i.e., an inalienable religious endowment in Islamic law) and our sites that are holy to Islam and Christianity…
The movement emphasized: ‘The Christians in Palestine are not a minority or community, and are not the guests of anyone, but rather bearers of a message of love, faith, and brotherhood in this holy land. Through our unity and our national values we will continue to defend our Palestinian identity on the historical land of Palestine.’ From Jesus’ birthplace, Bethlehem, [the city of] brotherhood and love, the movement called on the free people of the world to stand against the increasing racism of the occupation state against our holy sites and our religious symbols. It called on our people wherever it is located to adhere to the national identity in which lies the secret of our survival and pride. The movement emphasized that these attacks will only strengthen our resolve and cause us to adhere more to our land and our national affiliation.”