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PA warns parents of “ISIS’ methods for recruiting children” - Lists things the PA itself does

Official PA TV, filler on children being recruited by ISIS

Text on first slide: "ISIS' methods for recruiting children"

Text on second slide:
"ISIS' methods for recruiting children
1. Applications, electronic games, internet websites, and social media
2. Family members of fighters in ISIS' ranks
3. Kidnapping and forcing to act in an extreme manner
4. Friends, teachers, and Imams (i.e., Muslim clergy) with extremist views
5. Use of schools and their curricula to spread extremist views
6. Exploiting children's love of imitation, and creating a false impression in their minds of a fighter’s image and a love of fighting
7. Relying on the idea of Jihad through false concepts
8. Exploiting money and harsh social conditions"

Text on third slide: "According to international reports, the number of schools affiliated with ISIS and Al-Qaeda is approximately 12,000"

Text on fourth slide: "These schools are divided into three [groups]:
Schools for contemplation and religion – These are the most dangerous ISIS schools as they plant the seed of extremism in the children's minds and hearts.
Schools for fighting – Schools in which the children are actually trained in the martial and military arts.
Practical schools – Schools in which they learn how to mercilessly slaughter victims, suicide operations (the word used in Arabic for “suicide operation” is intihar, not the esteemed Istish'had signifying Martyrdom-death for Allah –Ed.), and guerilla warfare."

Text on fifth slide: "Guard your children!"
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