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PA TV reporter: Israel “steals” Palestinian dishes, commits “evil assault” to “Judaize our dishes, attributes them to its truly fake identity”

Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning

Official PA TV reporter: “We will get to know this [food] festival and the Palestinian dishes featured at it that we are preserving. The occupation is recently attempting to steal this Palestinian heritage… We are very happy with this festival, whose messages are important in light of the evil assault on our heritage and on all the components of the Palestinian identity…"
Director of the Al-Sham Lands Master Chef Samer Abu Jum’a: “We want to instill knowledge in the young people about the Palestinian cuisine, and to give them a new vision of our Palestinian dishes. Let’s not forget to protect them from Judaization and the evil assault against us, and the theft of Palestinian dishes. A number of dishes have been stolen.”

Reporter: “What was your impression of the Western world, given that the occupation is attempting to Judaize our dishes and attribute them to its truly fake identity? … Tell me how we can spread the Palestinian dishes more and fight the evil assault on our Palestinian heritage and on the Palestinian dishes, which the occupation is of course attempting to attribute to itself.”

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