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Kuwaiti athlete withdraws from competition to avoid playing against Israeli athlete: “I will never carry out normalization with the [Zionist] entity”

Headline: “Kuwaiti champion Abdullah Al-Anjari: I did not hesitate in my decision, it is the least we can do for Palestine”
“Abdullah Al-Anjari emphasized that he prepared seriously for the championship, but the lottery completely changed the situation and caused him to decide to withdraw. The Kuwaiti jiu-jitsu fighter said in an interview with the program Super Sport… which is broadcast on Alam radio from Palestine, that his goal was to win the championship that is being held in Los Angeles, but the lottery placed him opposite a fighter from the Zionist entity. He emphasized that he did not hesitate for a moment regarding withdrawing from the championship. Al-Anjari noted: ‘I will never carry out normalization with the [Zionist] entity; it is the least I can do for Palestine and the members of its people. This position is the position of the entire Kuwaiti people, and not only of Abdullah [Al-Anjari].’”

In January 2019, Kuwaiti jiu-jitsu fighter Abdullah Al-Anjari chose to withdraw from the All Americas Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Los Angeles rather than fight an Israeli opponent, Eitan Seri-Levi.