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Palestinian pride – Murderers are cool!

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Palestinian pride - Murderers are cool!
Children are taught to admire killers
  • Mother to children of murderer: “Your father is a hero”
    Daughter: “Father is one of the Palestinian heroes we are proud of” 
  • Father of would-be suicide bomber: “All the prisoners are our sons... You are a source of pride for us”
by Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Terrorist murderers are cool! That is the message from the Palestinian Authority to Palestinians. The PA continues to stress to its population that terrorists and murderers of Israelis are "heroes" by glorifying them and rewarding them with salaries
As Palestinian Media Watch has documented, events are named in honor of the terrorist prisoners, PA and Fatah officials thank and praise them in speeches, and official PA TV broadcasts several programs about and specifically for the prisoners and visits their families

The following two recent broadcasts on official PA TV show that the Palestinian population embraces this role modeling of murderers:

A mother teaches her children that their father who murdered a Greek Orthodox monk is “a hero”: 

Terrorist prisoner Yasser Rabai'ah's wife: "I always encourage [my children] and tell them: Your father is a hero. Our homeland deserves such heroes.” 
Terrorist prisoner Yasser Rabai'ah's daughter: "I want to say that father is one of the Palestinian heroes we are proud of.”
[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, Jan. 19, 2019]
The father of a terrorist who attempted to carry out a suicide bombing calls all the prisoners “our sons” and “a source of pride”: 

Father of terrorist Muhammad Sa’id Bisharat:
“I want to send a message to Muhammad [Sa’id Bisharat] (i.e., terrorist, attempted suicide bombing) and to all the brothers and the loved ones, our sons, the prisoners, the sons of the Palestinian people. Not only Muhammad is my son - all the prisoners are our sons. We say to them: You are a source of pride for us. By Allah, with your endurance you have outlined the most beautiful picture in history. You are the history. You are the symbol of the Palestinian cause. You are the ones [we mean] when we say ‘Giants of Endurance.’”
[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, Jan. 12, 2019]
The PA TV program Giants of Endurance is produced about the terrorist prisoners and specifically for them as they are able to watch PA TV in Israeli prisons. The program visits their families and lets them talk to the prisoners through the program. In one episode, for example, the PA TV host sent "greetings and love" to a “heroic” murderer serving one life sentence, and the murderer’s son explained that he feels “pride” and “boasts” about his father to his friends:

Official PA TV host: "As the son of a prisoner, when you go to school and everyone knows that this young man is the son of ‘the Falcon of the South’ Issa Darabi, what does that mean to you?"
Son of terrorist murderer Issa Darabi: "It means everything to me. My father isn’t like other fathers. He is in a special situation, a prisoner. He did something I boast about and take pride in among my friends. I love to talk about him and his acts of heroism, because he is a symbol and a hero." 
[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, March 1, 2018]
Recently, PA TV News interviewed the mother of murderer Karim Younes, who also stressed the “pride” derived by Palestinians from their murderer relatives:

"You did nothing wrong... On the contrary, you bring us pride"
[Official PA TV News, Jan. 6, 2019]
Yasser Rabai'ah - Palestinian terrorist who together with an accomplice murdered Greek Orthodox monk Tsibouktsakis Germanus in an attack on the Jerusalem-Ma'ale Adumim road on June 12, 2001.
Muhammad Sa'id Bisharat - Palestinian terrorist and Islamic Jihad member who attempted to carry out a suicide bombing on a bus on Aug. 2, 2001. Bisharat was prevented from boarding by the bus driver, and Israeli security forces arrested him. Bisharat is serving 18 years in prison.

Issa Darabi - Palestinian terrorist who was a member of PA Presidential Security Force 17 and former bodyguard of Yasser Arafat. On July 9, 2001, Darabi detonated an explosive targeting an Israeli army jeep in the south Hebron region and murdered Israeli soldier Shai Cohen. Darabi also placed an explosive on a road targeting the Israeli Army Chief of Staff’s convoy in November 2001. Darabi is serving a life sentence.