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PMW's "incontrovertible" findings on PA education cited in op-ed in the Tower

A. J. Caschetta  |

In Criticizing Israel, MESA Ignores Terror Threats
on Palestinian Campuses
"...West Bank universities are hardly outliers; in fact, Gazan universities are even more infamous. In 2010, The Boston Globe referred to the Islamic University of Gaza as “Hamas U.” Last December, all schools in Gaza were closed to celebrate the thirty-first anniversary of Hamas. The NGO Palestinian Media Watch has assembled incontrovertible proof that every aspect of the Palestinian educational system is geared to indoctrinating students to reject Israel and detest Jews. Palestinian universities regularly confer honors upon terrorists, sometimes posthumously.

Women participate fully in this network of hatred. Fatah’s university committee on women’s education is named after Dalal Mughrabi, the PLO leader of the “Coastal Road massacre” of thirty-eight Israelis, thirteen of them children. In an interview on Palestinian television last January, Madeline Manna, coordinator of the “Sisters of Dalal” committee, proudly declared “Dalal Mughrabi is a role model, like other heroic female Martyrs in Palestine.” This reveals the hollowness of MESA’s claim to be 'committed to fighting antisemitism as a form of racism that targets Jewish people.'”

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