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PA daily sympathetically portrays terrorists imprisoned for murdering an Israeli woman as having "their childhoods" stolen by the occupation

Headline: "Four prisoners from the Abu Tor neighborhood have begun their 18th year in the occupation's prisons"
       "Seventeen years have passed and the painful memory has not left the family of the four prisoners from the Abu Tor neighborhood south of occupied Jerusalem, who were given a heavy sentence, because at this time prisoner Muhannad Jweihan who was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment, prisoner Samir Ghaith who was sentenced to life, prisoner Amjad Abu Armila who was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment, and prisoner Ahmed Shweiki who was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, are beginning their 18th year of imprisonment (i.e., all terrorists involved in the murder of Israeli Moran Amit; see notes below). This is after the occupation stole their childhood from them, as they entered as children and today they are already young men within the occupation's prisons.
The mother of prisoner Muhannad Jweihan said: 'My son prisoner Muhannad was arrested when he was 17, and today he is already 32. He has experienced the harshest torture despite his young age during his arrest on Friday, Feb. 8, 2002, while he was with his friends in a park next to the family home (Al-Ahrash - Jabel Mukaber) [parentheses in source].’
She added: 'Years have passed and we are still waiting for the day of his release and [the release] of the rest of the male and female prisoners. It is not easy for a mother, father, or spouse when one of the members of the family is far from their eyes.' She explained that prisoner Muhannad grew up within the prisons and took the high school matriculation exams in 2015 and passed successfully; and then he joined Al-Quds Open University and learned social work while he was in the occupation's Gilboa Prison, and today he is in the Ktzi'ot Prison.
Mother of prisoner Ahmed Saleh Al-Din Shweiki said: ‘When Ahmed was arrested he was 14, and today he is 31 and a half. He was wounded in his hand when they shot at them and executed the boy Martyr (Shahid) Samer Abu Mayaleh. From the moment of his [Ahmed’s] arrest we did not see [him] and did not know what his medical condition was for months, and days, nights, and months have passed and the sorrow still dwells in the hearts of the family.'
She added: 'Despite his young age and the fact that he was wounded in the hand, the occupation had no mercy on him and sentenced him to 20 years of imprisonment, and the annual countdown has begun for the moment that we will receive him, and I, his father, his sisters, and his brothers are impatiently awaiting this.'
Mother of prisoner Samer Ghaith said: 'He was arrested when he was 18, and was the oldest among his friends, and he was sentenced to life. The daily arrests of children and minors to which we are witness remind me of the first moment of the occupation forces’ raid and Samer's arrest, as he and his friends from the neighborhood underwent torture in order to wring from them confession after confession to the murder of an Israeli woman in the Al-Ahrash park.
It should be noted that on Feb. 8, 2002, the occupation forces arrested eight youths, residents of the Abu Tor neighborhood south of occupied Jerusalem, while the child Samer Abu Mayaleh died as a Martyr, after the murder of an Israeli woman in the Al-Ahrash area between Jabel Mukaber and the area of the Abu Tor neighborhood. Some of the arrested were released after they served their sentence, while residents of the Abu Tor area and their relatives are still awaiting the release of their four sons."
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Samir Ghaith, Muhannad Jweihan, Amiad Abu Armila, Ahmed Shweiki, and Samer Abu Mayaleh - Palestinian terrorists from Jerusalem aged 14-18 and members of a group of terrorists that murdered 25-year-old law student Moran Amit at the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in Jerusalem on Feb. 8, 2002. The group carried out additional terror attacks in Jerusalem. Ghaith, the group leader, is serving a life sentence and an additional 20 years. Jweihan and Armila are serving 25-year prison sentences. Shweiki is serving a 20-year prison sentence. Mayaleh was killed while the group was being apprehended.

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