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PA daily op-ed: "The fact that Trump took Israel's fence as a model [for proposed Mexico wall] confirms once again how Zionist this president is… and also the racism and denial of the other that he contains"

Excerpt of op-ed by Bassem Barhoum, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Israel and Trump's fences are racist"

      "We would be silent about the wall that American President [Donald Trump] will build on the border with Mexico and for which he declared an emergency situation. We would be silent and consider this an internal affair if Trump had not taken the racist Israeli occupation fence as an example of a successful model! And the moment Trump entered our territory, as they say, it is now our right too to respond to his racist and arrogant wall.
The fact that Trump took Israel's fence as a model confirms once again how Zionist this president is and how saturated he is with the Zionist project and believes in it, and also the racism and denial of the other that he contains within him. This president has an unprecedented insistence on the American policy and its bias in favor of and blind siding with the Zionist colonialism. We must remind Trump that Israel's wall was established on occupied Palestinian land according to international law and UN resolutions, and that there is an International Court for Justice decision that confirms its illegality. The Israeli fence, along with its goal to bite off as much as possible of the Palestinian territories, is completely racist as it is meant to separate, which contradicts the idea of coexistence and paving the bridges of dialogue as part of the peace process in the region. The fence, as more than one Israeli expert has declared, has not and will not prevent the Palestinian resistance operations (i.e., terror attacks), and therefore its goal is completely political.
Trump's use of Israel's fence as a model condemns him and his wall, as one who supports the occupation cannot believe in human values, and his crying over the American citizen is hypocrisy behind which are financial interests. We are not the ones saying this, but rather most of the Americans and members of Congress, and in this matter we will have no difficulty in proving the racism of Trump's wall, as he opposes immigration and immigrants, and this is the goal of Trump's inhuman and racist wall.
Anyone who takes a racist occupation fence as an example cannot be anything but a racist, and here I want to congratulate the German people on the Berlin Wall having been blown up, otherwise Trump would have used its success in separating between the free world and the non-free world!”

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