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Israel cuts 138M shekels to PA tax transfers over salaries to terrorists, PMW legal head responds

Ariel Kahana, Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff  |

Cabinet approves $138M in cuts to PA tax funds
over terror payments

Israel said Sunday it will withhold over $138 million from the Palestinian Authority for payments given to families of Palestinians who carried out attacks against Israelis. The sum, which comprises about 5% of the PA's revenues, was cut from the taxpayer funds that Israel collects for the PA.
The Diplomatic-Security Cabinet said it is implementing a law passed last year allowing Israel to withhold funds used to pay stipends to Palestinian attackers and their families from taxes Israel collects on the behalf of the PA.


Attorney Maurice Hirsch, who served as the director of the Military Prosecution in Judea and Samaria and now heads Palestinian Media Watch's legal department, called the cabinet's decision "an excellent start. It's just a shame that for six months, Defense Ministry officials couldn't succeed in figuring out the extent of payments to the families of dead terrorists. After we obtained a lot of information on the subject, we expect Defense Ministry officials to quickly complete their evaluations and bring about the deduction of hundreds of millions of additional shekels that the Palestinian Authority pays as encouragement, incentive and payment for terror."

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