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Abbas refuses the "Israeli measure [to cut tax transfers to the PA]" and refused to receive the remaining funds, PA foreign ministry condemns anti-Semitic violence in Franc

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the violent acts and hatred in France”
“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the acts of violence, extremism, and hatred that took place in friendly France, and considered them part of the anti-Semitic expressions that are unacceptable to us and to the international community. In a press statement yesterday [Feb. 21, 2019], the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized the State of Palestine’s standing by France against these crimes, regardless of their source, and expressed its full solidarity with friendly France, its President [Emmanuel Macron], its government, and its people in the struggle against hatred, racism, and Antisemitism in all of their forms. It should be noted that a series of incidents took place recently in France, including the vandalizing of 96 Jewish gravestones with swastikas at a cemetery in Quatzenheim, in Alsace. Swastikas (a Nazi symbol) [parentheses in source] were also sprayed on pictures of late politician [and Holocaust survivor] Simone [Weil], and anonymous people cut down trees that were planted to commemorate the memory of a Jew [Ilan Halimi] who was tortured to death in 2006.”

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