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Fatah prides itself on deadly terror attacks

Headline: "On the 45th anniversary of its founding: Fatah is still the leader of the national struggle and the foundation stone of the Palestinian State"

"Quality military operations:
The revolutionary forces (Fatah) who were engaged in Ribat (religious war) in South Lebanon conducted a series of prominent operations, the best-known among them being the Savoy Operation in 1976 [where terrorists took over a hotel and killed eight hostages and two soldiers], followed by the operation by Dalal Mughrabi [the bus hijacking in which 37 Israelis were killed] in 1978, and many more operations against the northern [Israeli] settlements close to the Lebanese border, which caused pain to Israel and sleepless nights for its military and security establishment …"

"Fatah katyushas (missiles) in the south [of Lebanon] pulverized the colonies of the occupation:
"UNIFIL (International Force in Lebanon) ... did not prevent the members of the Fatah movement, and of the other Palestinian organizations, from continuing their self-sacrifice [military] actions against Israel, and in 1981 Fatah's katyushas (missiles) pulverized the northern settlements [in Israel]."

"Fatah still boasts the greatest number of prisoners and Shahids (Martyrs) in the struggle:
"Fatah has the greatest number of prisoners in the jails of the Israeli occupation... In addition, it is the largest faction that has sacrificed Shahids (Martyrs) from among its commanders and members [in the past] and until a few days ago, when special forces of the Israeli occupation army executed three of its members in Nablus [referring to the three terrorists who were killed by Israel two days after they murdered Rabbi Meir Chai in Dec. 2009]."

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