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Op-ed in official PA daily refers to Hamas as "the face of treason... the supporters of Satan," and calls for armed revolt against Hamas

Excerpt of an op-ed by Yahya Rabah, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “Gaza, the time has come”
      “Gaza, the time has come. The face of treason has been exposed, the shame of the supporters of Satan and partners of the occupation has been exposed… O Gaza… the time has come, arise, call out ‘Allahu Akbar’ (i.e., “Allah is greatest”), rise up and punish the traitors. Have no mercy on them, because they – the Hamas organization – know that your heart is full of mercy. Be careful that they not trick you with crocodile tears, be careful lest your heart soften due to their satanic prayers. After all, you gave them every opportunity, and they squandered them and sold them in the market of heresy… O Gaza, the time has come. Tighten the noose around them. Hang them with the ropes of their treason, for the shame and disgrace is theirs, and this is the end of the traitorous heretics… Arise and call out with all of your strength: Hurry to prayer, hurry to success, hurry to Jerusalem, hurry to Palestine (i.e., a play on the Muslim call to prayer that includes “hurry to prayer, hurry to success”).”
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