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Olmert offered Abbas 20 more than size of West Bank, according to PLO Chief Negotiator

Official PA TV, Philosophy of Endurance

PLO Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat: "I heard [former Israeli Prime Minister] Olmert say that he offered [Abbas] 100% of the West Bank territory. This is true. I’ll testify to this. He presented a map, and said: 'I want [Israel] to take 6.5% of the West Bank and I’ll give [the PA] 6.5% of the 1948 territory (i.e., Israel) in return.' [Olmert] said to Abbas: 'The area of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on the eve of June 4, 1967, was 6,235 sq. km. [I] Erekat says: "There are 50 sq. km. of no man's land in Jerusalem and Latrun." We’ll split them between us, so the territory will be 6,260 sq. km.' [I said to Abbas:] 'Olmert wants to give you 20 sq. km. more, so that you could say [to Palestinians]: “I got more than the 1967 territories."' Regarding Jerusalem, [Olmert said:] 'What's Arab is Arab, and what's Jewish is Jewish, and we’ll keep it an open city.' Regarding the refugees, [Olmert] offered him [Abbas] 150,000 refugees... [Olmert] said: 'The refugees’ right to return to the State of Palestine is your law. But regarding Israel, we will accept 150,000 refugees over 10 years. 15,000 [per year] over 10 years.'
Mahmoud Abbas said to him, and Allah knows all: 'I am not with you in the math lesson; 6,215 plus 20 plus 3 and Saeb Erekat will add or subtract for me. I’m talking about a completely independent Palestinian state, sovereign, with full sovereignty. I’m talking about East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine; and I am talking about the right of return for the refugees.' [Abbas] said to him: 'What does this mean that you will give me 15,000 [refugees] each year? This is a private right of every one of the people. The UN will establish a committee that will go to every refugee, to the children of the refugees, to the grandchildren of the refugees, and to the grandchildren of the grandchildren and will ask them – and they are the ones that will choose: return to Palestine, return to Israel, or to remain where you are? And everyone with reparations. Because if you want from me' – said Mahmoud Abbas – 'the end of the claims, and the end of the conflict, this is the required path.' At this point, as a matter of fact, [Abbas] made a decision and made history for his people. He said in a clear manner: 'I strive for peace, I want peace, and I aspire to peace. However, my peace will not be at any cost.'"

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