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Bruqin Municipality names street after terrorist who murdered 2; residents see move as “honoring one of the district`s Martyrs, who carried out a heroic operation”

Headline: "The Bruqin Municipality names a street after Martyr Abu Laila"
"The Bruqin Municipality decided to name one of the streets in the town after Martyr (Shahid) Omar Abu Laila (i.e., terrorist, murdered 2), whom the occupation authorities accuse of carrying out the operation (i.e., terror attack) in Ariel, north of the city of Salfit. An occupation soldier and a rabbi were killed in the operation, and an additional soldier was seriously wounded.
Bruqin Mayor Bashir Salman said: 'The municipality has decided to name Al-Baq'an Street - located at the town's main entrance from the east, and one of the town's main streets - after Martyr Omar Abu Laila. This is in order to perpetuate the memory of our righteous Martyrs.'
Salman added: 'The initiative to name [the street] after Martyr Abu Laila stems from the interest and pride of the town of Bruqin and the towns of the Salfit district in the Martyrs of the district and the homeland, and is meant to perpetuate their memories.'
The decision was received with satisfaction by the residents of the town. They saw it as honoring one of the district's Martyrs, who carried out a heroic operation that frightened the occupation and exhausted it, until they reached him and assassinated him."

Omar Abu Laila – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and murdered Israeli soldier Gal Keidan, and shot and murdered Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, a father of 12, at Ariel Junction on March 17, 2019. Abu Laila was killed on March 19, 2019, during an exchange of gunfire with Israeli soldiers who attempted to arrest him.

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