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Fatah youth training course named after terrorist Yasser Abu Bakr

"The Shabiba [Fatah youth] high schools committee in the Nablus region opened a course… named the Prisoner Commander Yasser Abu Bakr course, to train the Shabiba student activist personnel… Coordinator of the Shabiba committee, Raed Al-Dab'i… spoke about the prisoner Yasser Abu Bakr, emphasizing that naming the course after him was part of the loyalty of the Shabiba to its influential symbols and leaders. He mentioned that the prisoner Yasser Abu Bakr is one of the symbols of Fatah’s Shabiba [movement] in the homeland… and that he was sentenced to three life-terms [for murder] and a further thirty years, for being one of the commanders and founders of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the head of the movement's student bureau, and coordinator of the Fatah Shabiba at An-Najah University… According to him, this gesture emphasizes that the Shabiba still upholds the legacy of its leaders and continues on their path."