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PA Ministry of Education and PLO Prisoners' Commission ensure prisoners can study in prison, even master degrees

Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance

Released prisoner Ismail Barghouti: “[In] the prisons there is actually a partnership between the [PA] Ministry of Education and the [PA] Ministry of Prisoners (sic.) on the issue of studies… Today we have matriculation [exams], serious studies. We have a university that is located inside the prisons. Many people who did not get to complete their studies outside [prison] have completed their studies inside the prisons… Every year you have approximately 6 to 7 people who complete a master’s [degree].”

Ismail Barghouti is a released prisoner who served 16 years in an Israeli prison. PMW was unable to determine the details of his crime.

The PA Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs was dissolved in 2014 and the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs was established instead.