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PA TV glorifies murderer of 2: “Mercy on Martyr Omar Abu Laila”

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on the destruction of the home of terrorist Omar Abu Laila, who murdered 2

Official PA TV host: “Martyr Omar Abu Laila (i.e., terrorist, murdered 2) carried out a shooting and stabbing operation on March 17 [2019]… in which an [Israeli army] officer and rabbi were killed. He withdrew from the site of the operation and was pursued by the occupation forces for three days. They clashed with him in the village of Abwein… and this led to his death as a Martyr on March 19. Mercy on Martyr Omar Abu Laila and endurance and consolation over the family’s disaster – its disaster is now doubled by the destruction of its home.” 

Omar Abu Laila – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and murdered Israeli soldier Gal Keidan, and shot and murdered Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, a father of 12, at Ariel Junction on March 17, 2019. Abu Laila was killed on March 19, 2019, during an exchange of gunfire with Israeli soldiers who attempted to arrest him.