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Religious ruling published in PA daily: Sex on demand is a husband's "right" and a wife's "obligation"

Excerpt of a Fatwa (religious ruling) in the Fatwa section published during the month of Ramadan by the Dar Al-Ifta, an official PA institution issuing Fatwas in the official PA daily

Question: ‘Does a woman have to ask her husband for permission to fast six days in the month of Shawwal (the month after Ramadan when Muslims traditionally fast for six days; the fast is optional, as opposed to the obligatory Ramadan fast –Ed.)?’

Answer: ‘The rule is that a woman must ask permission from her husband to observe an optional fast. The six-day fast in the month of Shawwal is a sunnah (i.e., a traditional Muslim custom), and a woman must ask permission from her husband to fast, because the husband has the right to enjoy his wife [sexually] at any time, and it is obligatory to fulfill his right immediately (in Islam fasting includes abstaining from sexual relations, and therefore her fasting would prevent his “right” –Ed.)…

Regarding the obligatory and commanded fast [Ramadan] that it is an obligation to observe immediately [at the appointed time], a woman does not need to ask permission for it. A husband merits reward [from Allah] if he allows his wife to observe an optional fast."




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