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PA pays released prisoners "at least 4,000 a month" and considers them "returning soldiers"

"When Mustafa Al-Haj (prisoner who murdered a man who was out hiking) returned to his village 24 years after he killed a settler in the rocky hills overlooking his village, he found that the historical events of an entire generation had passed him by. Al-Haj was one of 26 citizens released by the occupation's forces in the early hours of Wednesday morning [Aug. 14, 2013] despite protests by families of Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks... The released prisoners received a hero's welcome in the West Bank by senior [Palestinian] Authority officials and by their relatives, most of whom were not able to see the prisoners during their time in the occupation's prison...
Money is not an immediate concern because the [Palestinian] Authority will pay at least 4,000 shekels a month to prisoners released after serving a long prison term, and considers them to be returning soldiers."
Reprinted from Reuters

Note: Mustafa Al-Haj murdered Frederick Rosenfeld while he was hiking near the city of Ariel in the West Bank (June 17, 1989). He was one of 26 prisoners released in August 2013 when Israel gave in to the PA’s condition that without their release they would not return to negotiations.

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