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Palestinian kids at Arafat memorial: The Jews killed Arafat

A televised memorial ceremony for Yasser Arafat includes a video clip of ‎Palestinian children delivering messages in honor of Arafat. It is noteworthy ‎that even though this clip was pre-recorded and edited, the organizers of the ‎official Palestinian Authority ceremony chose to include hate speech and ‎libels that demonized Jews and glorified violence and Martyrdom.‎

Transcript of excerpts of the children's messages:‎

Ceremony host: "Blessings to Yasser Arafat, and here are messages from ‎the children of Palestine."‎

Boy: "I was very, very sad when Arafat died as a Shahid (Martyr), because he ‎was a good man and he was a fighter. He did things through struggle, he ‎participated in the struggle and did not make peace and so on. He wanted to ‎fight."‎

Boy 2: "Yasser Arafat was a very, very important president. He stood up to all ‎the enemies and was not afraid of anyone. And anyone who approached - ‎he managed to stop him. All the Jews and the Israelis and the people who ‎are against us, were afraid of him. When he died, he died of poisoning."‎

Girl wearing pendant in the shape of Israel: "I say that he died from ‎poisoning by the Jews. That's what I say."‎

Boy 3: "Arafat used to say: "They want me dead, they want me prisoner, but I ‎say to them: Martyr! Martyr! Martyr!"‎

Girl 2: "He [Arafat] was our former president. He was under siege in ‎Ramallah, and when he was under siege we were very upset. The Jews ‎poisoned him and I hate them very much. Allah will repay them what they ‎deserve."‎

Boy 4: "He [Arafat] died from poisoning by the Jews. Well, I don't know what ‎he died from, but I know it was by the Jews."‎

Boy 5: "They destroyed his whole house and he was left in one room and in ‎the end the Jews poisoned him and blamed someone else."‎

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