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'Unprecedented’ Eurovision missile and WAR threat as Hamas terrorists target Israeli event

Liam Deacon  |

'Unprecedented’ Eurovision missile and WAR threat as Hamas terrorists target Israeli event

EUROVISION is facing an “unprecedented” war threat, experts have warned, as Hamas terror group sources target the popular event.

By Liam Deacon /

Palestinian jihadi terror groups have been ramping up attacks on Israelis because the world will be focused on the nation ahead of the song contest.

Israel and Hamas have reportedly come close to war in recent days, with hundreds of rocket launched at the Jewish state and thousands of assaults on the border.

Mu’min Meqdad, an editor of the Hamas-backed Al-Aqsa TV, claimed the terror group can stop the singing event altogether, according to a clip shared by Palestinian Media Watch.

He said: “I believe that [Hamas] can deprive [Israel] the pleasure of a number of the coming opportunities, such as the [Eurovision] Song Contest. There is still room to manoeuvre in the coming days.”

Appearing to threaten Israel, he added: “I think that the coming days will be a test for [Israel].

Just this month, four Israelis were killed in the south of the nation – the first to die fighting people in Gaza in five years.

A mix of 27 Palestinian militants and civilians also lost their lives in the battle.

Such events “are unprecedented in the history of Eurovision”, says Dean Vuletic, a historian at the University of Vienna.

Vuletic, the author of Postwar Europe And The Eurovision Song Contest, added: “Eurovision has never been held so close to a warzone before and been so susceptible to attack.”

Conservative local radical Islamists are likely to be angered by the contest, due to its association with Western and LGBT culture, and the presence of female performers and scantily clad dancers.

Speaking to the Israeli paper Haaretz after the recent rocket barrage, a Hamas source blasted: “Eurovision can’t happen in Tel Aviv when no relief is felt in Gaza.

“It can’t be that they will sing and enjoy while we suffer.”

The Gaza-based terror group PIJ, meanwhile, last week vowed to “prevent the enemy from succeeding” in a reference to Eurovision helping to promote a positive image of Israel to the world.

And Hamas reportedly claim to have unleashed the deadly recent missile campaign because “the world is watching Israel host Eurovision”.

People in Gaza have been holding regular protests at the border with Israel, with them often defending into attacks, since March 2018.

A BBC documentary, airing this week, interviewed leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who claimed the terror groups are organising many protests.

The two sides reportedly agreed on a ceasefire last Monday, but many are sceptical is it will last for long.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary since a deadly protest against the movement of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

May 14, 2018, was one of the deadliest days of violence in the region, with over 60 Palestinian casualties and over 2,000 injured.