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PA-funded Prisoners' Club and PLO Prisoners` Commission arrange free medical exams for relatives of terrorist prisoners

Headline: "Ramallah: Signing an agreement exempting the prisoners' families from medical exam fees"


"The [PA-funded] Prisoners' Club and the Palestinian Doctors' Association signed a cooperation agreement yesterday [April 22, 2019] that exempts first-degree relatives of the prisoners (wife, children, and parents) [parentheses in source] from paying for medical exams by the official doctors who are registered at the association and committed to this agreement.

The agreement, signed by Chairman of the Prisoners' Club Qadura Fares and Chairman of the Doctors’ Association Dr. Shawqi Sabha, includes the prisoners of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and Palestine that is occupied since 1948 (i.e., Israel), and the Prisoners' Club will take upon itself the mission of issuing special certificates to the prisoners' families so they can show them during a doctor's visit…

Shawqi Sabha said during the signing ceremony that took place at the Doctors’ Association headquarters in the Ramallah and El-Bireh district: 'This initiative will be the beginning of initiatives that will include the families of the Martyrs and wounded.’ He called on all of the civil society institutions that are operating in Palestine to submit what they can to support the resolve of the prisoners and their families…

[PA] Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila said: 'This agreement is a clear expression of the Palestinian people’s values and its united stand against the occupation's arrogance, which points out that the doctors in this agreement constitute a supreme example of affiliation to their people’…

She added in the statement that the prisoners are not absent [even] one day from the discussions, meetings, and decisions of the Palestinian leadership, and emphasized the [PA] government's effort to make it easier for the [prisoners'] families and the families of the Martyrs and wounded."