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Hamas official to Israelis: “The day of your slaughter, extermination, and annihilation is near”

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Voice off-screen: "O beloved resistance member, strike - strike Tel Aviv!"

Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad: "Gaza says today: We have come to turn the anniversary of our Nakba (i.e., "the catastrophe," the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) into an anniversary of intifada, progress, and victory. We have come today to announce to the entire world that we are very close to liberating our land... We have come to tell the Zionist enemy - including its people, its army, its government, and the Israeli Parliament - leave us, for the day of your slaughter, extermination, and annihilation is near. Each one of you should search for a place for yourself in Europe, or in any kind of stronghold, or in hell, or in the sea, or in the ocean, or in the Bermuda Triangle. You have no place in Palestine. You have no place on the land of Jerusalem. You have no place in the Al-Aqsa Mosque plazas, or in Jaffa, or in Haifa, or in Acre, or anywhere. We have already uprooted you from Gaza. You failed and left wrapped in disgrace. We have also uprooted you from a number of areas of the West Bank - but the [PA] security cooperation insists on stabilizing you and standing by you. Therefore, leave us, for the day of your annihilation is near. Is it not so, sons of our people, our sisters? I want to hear, are you ready for liberation?"

Crowd: "Ready!"

Fathi Hammad: "Louder! Ready? Let our enemy hear this call."

May 2019 Gaza rocket attacks – The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations in Gaza launched a rocket barrage on Israeli civilian population centers on May 4, 2019, firing more than 700 rockets and murdering 4 Israelis in the course of two days. Israel responded by striking terror targets; 23 Gazans, many of them terrorists, were killed during the exchange of fire. On May 6 a ceasefire agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas.

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