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Hamas TV song: “We’ll fight with the rifle, the Molotov [cocktail]… O Martyrdom-seeker, tighten your [suicide] belt”

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Music video of the song An Ember Lights an Ember and Quickly the Fire Ignites

Song lyrics: 
“An ember lights an ember and quickly the fire ignites 
A wave chases a wave, a storm causes a storm… 
Pull your trigger, O son of my land, and break the walls 
of the settler who crossed the border on your land and was oppressive 
Burst forth, O rebels, and defend the home’s honor… 
We’ll fight with the rifle, with the Molotov [cocktail], and with rocks 
And by Allah, we won’t give up until the home returns 
Even if the path is long, after the night comes day… 
O Martyrdom-seeker, tighten your [suicide] belt, and water the laurel tree (i.e., a symbol of victory) 
The night of tyranny has been long, but it will certainly collapse 
Your weapon is fire and embers against the treacherous enemy… 
We are passionate for our land, and we have burst forth from it as free people 
And the revolution is a tree that we water with the blood of the pure 
We’ll stand firm, regardless of what happens, and we’ll not accept humiliation." 

Hamas TV broadcast this song while Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists were firing more than 700 rockets at Israeli civilians on May 4-5, 2019, murdering 4 Israelis. Israel responded by striking terror targets; 23 Gazans, mostly terrorists, were killed by Israel.

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