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Hamas TV song during rockets against Israel: “You will be crushed... Here we have men who passionately love Martyrdom-death"

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Hamas song: Here we have prepared for you

Lyrics: "Advance, [Israeli soldier], and await your grave, advance and be defeated; 
So that you will see the gate of death, you will see suffering from us… 
Here are the battlefields of heroism and rage 
Here are drawn and flaming swords 
Be careful – worry will imprison you 
Be careful – the tunnel will capture you… 
You will be crushed if you draw near 
You will be crushed if you remain 
Here we have men who bear lethal [weapons] for you… 
Advance, [Israeli soldier], and await your grave 
Advance and we will teach you a lesson… 
Here we have men who passionately love Martyrdom-death… 
Advance, [Israeli soldier], and the fire will burn you 
Advance and shame will pursue you." 

Hamas TV broadcast this song while Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists were firing more than 700 rockets at Israeli civilians on May 4-5, 2019, murdering 4 Israelis. Israel responded by striking terror targets; 23 Gazans, mostly terrorists, were killed by Israel. 

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